Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Journal Entry #1

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning”…Meister Eckhart

So… the beginning of my adventure approaches.
It’s less than two months before starting my journey from Georgia to Maine. 
This is a dream I’ve had for many, many years and the time now feels right.  It’s said that “The miracle isn’t finishing.  The miracle is to have the courage to start.”  With great support from my wife Jane, family and friends, both physical and prayerful, I will take the first step of that 2,181 mile walk. 
As I prepare the excitement mounts.  Encouragement from those who have completed the trail, walked great portions of it, or just may have stood on the trail means so much to me.  Even those skeptics who wonder if I’ve lost my mind to think of doing this without using a car have been very kind and listened to my plans with patience and the promise to come to my aid/or bail me out if the need arises.
I plan to include prayers for specific family and friends each day of the hike completed.  I’ve told a few that I would never quit on their day, so I’m depending somewhat on this promise to give me the strength and courage to continue. 
I was also told by a young fellow at REI in Asheville that if I do quit it must be on a sunny beautiful day after a good meal.
Things here on the blog will be somewhat quiet until I actually do something, other than prepare to go to two weddings, see Emily in Oklahoma and visit Harry Potter World, but please check in with words of wisdom or otherwise as the Spirit moves you.

Roger (Trail name TBD)