Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life after the trail

Below is a link to the journal of one of the hikers dad met on the trail this year.m his trail name is Hopeful. This is his account of life after his hoke in 2003. We figured some readers may be wondering what it's like, so we decided to share. Dad is doing well on his slow tour of the east coast as he makes his way home with mom. Tomorrow he will get to see his sisters, which will be wonderful.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More photos

The last pair of hiking boots.

Little Bird at the Appalachian Cafe.

One of the many ceiling tiles with hikers names on it at the Appalachian Cafe.

Dad signed for Buffalo Bobby.

Trolley Stop puts his last mark on the trail.

No longer Trolley Stop (the name stays with the trail), Roger and Jane at the Appalachian Cafe

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Journal entry #189

Monday, October 3 - Day 193 - Mile 2181 - Baxter Peak


Today at 11:39 AM Double Check & I reaches the KATAHDIN sign at the summit of Baxter Peak.

Quite a climb... fitting of our experiences on the AT.

Jane & Joe (Double Checks Dad) met us a the end of our return hike with cheers, signs and champagne.

Ron, Julie and Dagny made the climb to the top on another arduous trail with the assistance of Hopper & Bismarck. We all met at the top. Julie spread Bobby's ashes on the approach to the Knife Edge trail. The Knife Edge is the most difficult decent and the one Buffalo Bobby wanted to do. He tried, unsuccessfully, to talk his hiking partners to do the same. I told him I'd take a tram down, if I could, after I touched the sign.

I'm sure all three were exhausted from their hike but happy they did it for their Dad,

This has been an adventure I'll never forget and which will have a major impact on my life going forward.

Thanks so much to all who followed this adventure. My Daughter Beth did a great job of organizing the web site while taking care of her family. Thanks Beth!

I'll be doing a couple of additional posts to thank all those who supported us and what worked and didn't gear wise.

Otherwise as I started tonight's note...IT'S DONE!

Love, peace, joy & hope,

Trolley Stop

Rainbow and firestarter. They were with Buffalo Bobby on Thursday.

Double Check and Trolley Stop!

Photo Finish

It is with great pride that share these photos sent to me by my father and mother today. They did it!

Double Check reaches the summit


Trolley Stop finally stops!

Julie, Rob, and Dagny celebrate in memory of their dad, Buffalo Bobby.

Two weary hikers

Trolley Stop wants to know where the beer is.

Ahhh, champagne will do!

Wet boots, wet socks, doesn't matter anymore!



Just got word from my mom (Jane), that Dad (Trolley Stop) and Double Check have finished the trail!  What an accomplishment for both of them!  Well done!

And they're Off!

Double Check and Trolley Stop beging their climb of Mt. Katahdin this morning at 7:00 Am

Journal Entry # 188

Sunday, October 2 - Day 192 - Mile 2175.8 - At the base of Katahdin

Double Check & I did the last section of the trail from Abol Bridge to the base of the climb up Katahdin.
Only about 5 more miles...straight up.

The weather was misty and overcast most of the day so we missed out seeing the brilliance of the fall colors on this beautiful section of trail.

We had two fords, which for me, were difficult. In fact I lost one of my hiking poles in the first.  These were evidently possible rock hops before the heavy rain we got yesterday but today they were flowing strong.
Double Check's Dad took us to the trailhead early this morning and Jane picked us up around 1:00 PM. Pretty easy day.

Tomorrow several thru hikers will summit along with us. Buffalo Bobby's three children will summit for their Dad,  as well, with the help of Hopper & Bismarck. We'll all hopefully meet afterwards for a traditional ice cream back at the Appalachian Cafe and write our names on the wall.

The end of this adventure is at hand.  News of the final climb to follow.

We leave at 5:30 AM so sleep is in order.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Journal Entry # 187

Saturday, October 1 - Day 191 - Mile 2165.9 (No change - ZERO in Millinocket).

Restless night but lots of positive input from around the world on Buffalo Bobby to read in email and on the blog. I've heard from many of our long term and short term hiker friends and others who were touched by Bobby along this long & narrow strip of wilderness.

This morning Jane & I had breakfast at a restaurant, The Appalachian Cafe,  owned by a woman hiker named Jamie who was hiking the trail on Thursday and had met the three of us as we began our hike out of the White House Landing. We also met several other hikers who knew Bobby at the Restaurant.
Tonight a small crowd of us, including three of Buffalo Bobby's children, Rob, Dagny and Julie,  will gather for dinner here in Millinocket.

Frank arrived this afternoon along with a bottle of bourbon which was greatly appreciated.  Mid afternoon Rob, Dagny & Julie arrived and joined Sue & Frank, Double Check & his Dad Joe and Jane & I at the hotel where we traded Buffalo Bobby stories for a couple of hours.  Double Check had made enlargements of a couple of recent photos of Bobby that he passed along.  We them set off for dinner where we were joined by Hopper & Bismarck.

Shortly after we started we were joined by Rainbow & Fire Starter who had stayed with Buffalo Bobby through the entire afternoon into the evening Thursday comforting Bobby and arranging and assisting with his move out of the 100 Mile Wilderness. No small task!  Buffalo Bobby's family, Double Check and I can't thank them enough for their efforts.

Again the 13 of us shared our stories around the table filled with thoughts of Bobby. It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to share this night with some of Bobby's family and friends.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, Double Check & I will once again get back on the trail and finish the one last section prior to our climb of Katahdin on Monday or later in the week.

Peace, Love, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

Celebrating Buffalo Bobby's life with stories from some of those who loved him.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


We continue to get photos of Buffalo Bobby along the trail. I will add them to this post as they come in.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Double check (far left) joined when Guardian had to leave the trail. Buffalo Bobby, standing, and Trolley Stop, far right.

Buffalo Bobby hiking in Maine

Journal Entry #186

Friday, September 30 - Day 190 - Mile 2165.9 -Abol Bridge

Received the news today at 3:00 PM that Buffalo Bobby had a massive stroke and passed away yesterday, September 29th.

Double Check and  I are still trying to deal with this news.  We thought for sure that Buffalo Bobby would meet us at Abol Bridge and ask..."WHAT'S THE HOLD-UP!"

Bobby made this hike what it has been for me.  His knowledge of all the fun places on the trail made it a parade of interesting sites, sights, and people.  His outgoing inquisitive nature was the perfect balance against my somewhat reserved approach.  We talked a lot on the trail, particularly in the mornings, and then separated and hiked alone for long segments...me in my dreamworld and Bobby with his IPod listening to Christian music and the Bible.  Guardian always wondered how often one could listen to the Bible.
Bobby was a joyful, fun-filled person who brought light to every person he met. He always left a note in the shelter that started with..."Buffalo Bobby sighting..."

Double Check & I will finish our hike over the next few days and slowly return to normal life with memories of the fun, and sometimes crazy, adventures of Buffalo Bobby.

Today Heaven doesn't know what a force has hit it.  "WHERE'S MY COFFEE?". Even Jesus, Mary and Joseph won't be able to ignore his donkey call.

So long friend.

Today's  hike was punctuated with attempts to find out what happened to Buffalo Bobby.

The hike itself was relatively easy and we got our first real clear view of Katahdin.   We arrived at Abol Bridge about 3:00 PM, arranged for tent sites and started to set up camp when we finally heard the news about Bobby.

We then headed straight for Millinocket where we are tonight with family.

Not much else I can say.  Bobby did warn me that every day can't be perfect.

Trolley Stop

Buffalo Bobby at Antler campsite.  September 27, 2011

Journal Entry #185

*Note to readers.  I do not always get my father's updates on the day he writes them, which is evident below, but I always put them in order, regardless.  Read on.

Thursday, September 29 - Day 189 - Mile 2150.9 - Rainbow Stream Lean-to

NOTE:  Just after making this entry two hikers, Shotgun and Rodie, came into camp and let me know that Buffalo Bobby was found in some distress on the trail.  Two other hikers, Fire Starter and Rainbow were with Bobby and assisting with his transfer to a hospital in Minninocket.  More news on Bobby as soon as we know.

We had a wonderful time at White Mountain Landing Hostel. Breakfast this morning was fabulous. Bill & Linda couldn't have done more for us from the moment we arrived until we left with our packs bulging with food.

At today's start we were informed that rain was likely by noon and then continue into the evening. Our goal was to get to this shelter before the rain, which was ambitious because we didn't get started until 9:00 AM.  As so often happens all we had was a very minor sprinkle and then the sun was out all afternoon.  It's now 6:25 and still no rain.

The hike was fairly easy with the exception of a couple of climbs. We made camp before 5:00 PM
At this point we're only about 30 miles from the end. Tomorrow we're shooting for Abol Bridge where we'll make reservations for The Birches.  The Birches is the last stop before climbing Katahdin and we can only stay there one night so our reservation depends on the weather.

Today we could actually see Katahdin from the top of Nesuntabunt Mountain. This was my first sighting!
More news tomorrow as we approach the prize.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,

Trolley Stop

Menu at the White House Landing

Emily's Note

Bobby is the best buffalo you could ever meet. I remember meeting him for the first and sadly last time in Harper's Ferry. Talking to him over dinner was so funny! It was like meeting a old friend except for the fact that we had never met! He and my brother Jack became best buddies really fast too. The picture of Jack, Buffalo Bobby, Guardian, And Trolley Stop is one of my favorites.

I remember Bobby ordering a salad and he was given a bowl so he could go up and get his salad from the salad bar. Hiking had made him very hungry, and he was ready to eat. He waited and waited until the waitress came back and asked if he could get his salad. Little did he know he could have gotten it the whole time! That was a funny memory.

He is so nice and has a warm smile that could brighten anyone's day. I think thats why he, guardian, and trolley stop "clicked" so well. I can just see them, "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" hiking up the trail and having a good ole time joking with each other. Haha, it makes me laugh just to think about it!
When I learned he had passed i knew he did so doing what he loved, fulfilling his dream, living his passion.

It was like losing a friend, a friend who could meet you once and have a lasting impression forever.

-Emily Crabtree, 13 - Trolley Stop's Grand-daughter

Guardian, Jack, Trolley Stop, and Buffalo Bobby