Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its been a while since I've posted something for my dad on here.  I can't believe in just a few short weeks it will have been a year since he started his trail hike.  He talks about his adventure all the time to anyone that will listen and we all love to hear about it.  I miss getting his daily e-mails and have joked that he should keep sending them and we can compare what 6 months off the trail is like vs. on it.

I recently wrote an article for a local magazine called "My Carolina Town" about his trip and I am posting it here for anyone that would like to read it.  Dad and I worked together to write it and it sums up his trip, and answers a lot of questions some of you have had while reading about his journey.

Here is the link: http://mycarolinatown.com/input.html

After you click the link, click on the magazine cover for March 2012.  It will bring you to an online version of the magazine and here you'll be able to zoom in and read it.  I find it works better on a desktop than a tablet (ie, my iPad wouldn't let me zoom in).

If the above link doesn't work, go to www.mycarolinatown.com, click "magazine" in the menu bar, and you should be goo to go from there.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life after the trail

Below is a link to the journal of one of the hikers dad met on the trail this year.m his trail name is Hopeful. This is his account of life after his hoke in 2003. We figured some readers may be wondering what it's like, so we decided to share. Dad is doing well on his slow tour of the east coast as he makes his way home with mom. Tomorrow he will get to see his sisters, which will be wonderful.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More photos

The last pair of hiking boots.

Little Bird at the Appalachian Cafe.

One of the many ceiling tiles with hikers names on it at the Appalachian Cafe.

Dad signed for Buffalo Bobby.

Trolley Stop puts his last mark on the trail.

No longer Trolley Stop (the name stays with the trail), Roger and Jane at the Appalachian Cafe

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Journal entry #189

Monday, October 3 - Day 193 - Mile 2181 - Baxter Peak


Today at 11:39 AM Double Check & I reaches the KATAHDIN sign at the summit of Baxter Peak.

Quite a climb... fitting of our experiences on the AT.

Jane & Joe (Double Checks Dad) met us a the end of our return hike with cheers, signs and champagne.

Ron, Julie and Dagny made the climb to the top on another arduous trail with the assistance of Hopper & Bismarck. We all met at the top. Julie spread Bobby's ashes on the approach to the Knife Edge trail. The Knife Edge is the most difficult decent and the one Buffalo Bobby wanted to do. He tried, unsuccessfully, to talk his hiking partners to do the same. I told him I'd take a tram down, if I could, after I touched the sign.

I'm sure all three were exhausted from their hike but happy they did it for their Dad,

This has been an adventure I'll never forget and which will have a major impact on my life going forward.

Thanks so much to all who followed this adventure. My Daughter Beth did a great job of organizing the web site while taking care of her family. Thanks Beth!

I'll be doing a couple of additional posts to thank all those who supported us and what worked and didn't gear wise.

Otherwise as I started tonight's note...IT'S DONE!

Love, peace, joy & hope,

Trolley Stop

Rainbow and firestarter. They were with Buffalo Bobby on Thursday.

Double Check and Trolley Stop!

Photo Finish

It is with great pride that share these photos sent to me by my father and mother today. They did it!

Double Check reaches the summit


Trolley Stop finally stops!

Julie, Rob, and Dagny celebrate in memory of their dad, Buffalo Bobby.

Two weary hikers

Trolley Stop wants to know where the beer is.

Ahhh, champagne will do!

Wet boots, wet socks, doesn't matter anymore!