Roger, Roger!

As written by Beth Young (his favorite daughter)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....OK, a long time ago on Long Island, NY my dad was born.  He was the third child to be born on the same day in his family and this was big news back then.  his picture even made it into the paper!  Isn't he cute?  You could cut bread with that widows peak!

After getting married and starting a family of his own, which included myself, my three sisters, and my brother and my mom, we moved from Long Island to Roanoke, VA and this is where his love affair with The Trail began.  He's been talking about walking this trail for YEARS, and a few years ago he began collecting his gear!  My dad is an avid walker and if anyone can do this he can.  He may not be young, but he's got a lot of courage and heart and will make the trip without any trouble, I just know it. 

I'll be writing a more detailed story about my dad soon, but until then, sign up as a follower and check back for updates.