Monday, October 3, 2011

Journal entry #189

Monday, October 3 - Day 193 - Mile 2181 - Baxter Peak


Today at 11:39 AM Double Check & I reaches the KATAHDIN sign at the summit of Baxter Peak.

Quite a climb... fitting of our experiences on the AT.

Jane & Joe (Double Checks Dad) met us a the end of our return hike with cheers, signs and champagne.

Ron, Julie and Dagny made the climb to the top on another arduous trail with the assistance of Hopper & Bismarck. We all met at the top. Julie spread Bobby's ashes on the approach to the Knife Edge trail. The Knife Edge is the most difficult decent and the one Buffalo Bobby wanted to do. He tried, unsuccessfully, to talk his hiking partners to do the same. I told him I'd take a tram down, if I could, after I touched the sign.

I'm sure all three were exhausted from their hike but happy they did it for their Dad,

This has been an adventure I'll never forget and which will have a major impact on my life going forward.

Thanks so much to all who followed this adventure. My Daughter Beth did a great job of organizing the web site while taking care of her family. Thanks Beth!

I'll be doing a couple of additional posts to thank all those who supported us and what worked and didn't gear wise.

Otherwise as I started tonight's note...IT'S DONE!

Love, peace, joy & hope,

Trolley Stop

Rainbow and firestarter. They were with Buffalo Bobby on Thursday.

Double Check and Trolley Stop!

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  1. Way to go, Dad! You did it!! No one could have predicted how it would end, but we never doubted you would make it to Mt. Katahdin. We are so proud of you and love you very much. Love, Marylou, Scott, and Bailey