Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Journal Entry #3

"Just Do It!" - Nike

Lots of folks have been asking questions about the hike, what I’ll eat, where I’ll sleep…etc.  Here is some information. 

As far as training, I've done a lot of walking and have recently been walking with my full pack which is somewhere around 40 pounds full. 

I've been using the equipment here at home and in fact had the tent set up in the living room while it was empty awaiting new furniture in early February.  I'd put the tent up and take it down over and over until I felt I could do it somewhat quickly when I arrive on the trail.

I've overnighted in Asheville with Scott and he also was very helpful in trimming my gear and setting me up with hiking shoes and such.

I had a complete physical and my doctor gave me a green light.  He wants me to come in right after the hike to do a work up.  He told me not to worry about what I eat on the trail.  I won't have a heart attack.  Fortunately I don't take any medication so that simplifies things.

I have a lot of equipment, clothing, food and etc.  Everything I need is currently in the pack including my cold weather gear.  Hopefully sometime in late May I'll be able to send some stuff home to hike a little lighter over the summer and then get it back as I enter Vermont where it will begin to get cold again.

In addition to the pack I have the following:

O degree Sleeping bag - will trade that in for a 30 degree bag in late May
Sleeping bag liner
Sleeping pad (Self inflating)
2 man tent / fly / ground cloth and stakes
Stove / Fuel / cooking pot and cup & spork
Water Purifier pump
2 liter Hydration pack for water
2 hiking poles
IPhone 4 which is my Camera, Video, GPS, Internet, email, compass, trail log and emergency light
and a Spot GPS for emergencies. 

Clothes: (All clothes are light weight and wicking)

Rain / Sun hat
Stocking hat
Glove liners
Outer jacket
Rain Jacket
Fleece shirt
Long sleeve shirt
Short Sleeve shirt
Long underwear
Rain Pants
Pants w/zippered legs so they can be converted to shorts
Sock liners

The usual hygiene stuff like soap, toothbrush, bandages, ibuprofen, vitamins, insect repellent.....

Food stuff sack and rope for hanging (To keep bears and other animals away)

Some food I have is:

Freeze dried meals
Oatmeal / Grits
Granola bars
Noodles of all kinds
Trail Mix
Beef jerky
Assorted packs of instant mashed potatoes and other vegetables.

I have a foot locker full of dry stuff that Jane will send me in the mail to pick up along the way or have in the car when she can actually meet me.  When I get off the trail for "0" days I'll be able to get some real food.  Many folks have offered to meet me along the way and bring some goodies too.

Now all I have to do is do it.
Thanks so much for all your notes. 

Roger (Trail name TBD)


  1. Wow, Rog. What a determined man you are. You seem so organized and ready. Have you downloaded books on your iphone? Steve is reading Pillars of the Earth if you haven't already read it. He is lovin' it. Lots of architure/construction things in the 11th century. We will be thinking of you and saying prayers for you. Good luck. Love ya', Babs

  2. I am not a betting man but I bet you finish this whole trail. And enjoy it to boot. We look forward to being able to track your progress and can't wait to do some of the smokie national park with you.

  3. Hi Roger! On your way Friday? Best of luck! Will be thinking of you, especially when I get winded walking up to 5th Ave! Love, Eileen