Friday, March 25, 2011

Journal Entry #4

Today the adventure begins.  We’re off to the AT Approach Trail to sign in first thing in the morning. It’s been a whirlwind month of March so far.  So many things have happened but I still had time to do some walking and gear review, so the pack is ready. There’s a fellow about 100 miles ahead of me who’s been blogging and I’ve been getting some good advice from his writings.
Yesterday I received a bunch of cards from my daughter Marylou’s first grade class. 

 They were wonderful and full of cautions about bears, bobcats, eating good food and how heavy the pack is.  The pictures they drew were priceless.  My Grandson Logan(3) also told me to lookout for snakes and don’t touch them with my hands.
The weather for my first day is predicted to be beautiful, but the rain comes in over the weekend, so I’ll have a chance early on to try out my rain gear.
My Granddaughters Claire and Anna are camping this weekend in Richmond, so we’ll have some stories to share when I meet them.
My next update will be from the Trail!
 Roger (Trail Name TBD) 

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  1. ONE STEP AT A TIME! (with or without a smile)