Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pictures from the Trail

Dad sent me these photos tonight.  Sadly, he's been writing everyday, with pics and all, but AT&T has horrible service, so none of the e-mails actually came through.  However, we got to talk to him on the phone today and mom and I will do a little dictation of the stories he told her for you to enjoy.  One thing that I wanted to share now is the fact that he got rid of 8lbs of his gear to help make it easier to carry and most of that was toiletries, so him having a beard at the end seems very probable!

Whitewater and Hawkers - campmates along the way
Dinner provided by a Church Group 3/30/11

Bear Bag Cables (gotta keep that food away from the bears)

3/30/11 - Mountains Crossing

Some of the 604 steps on the approach trail!

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  1. Love these "from the trail" updates. Got to get you a name. We check daily for the OK sign. Continued Godspeed.