Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journal Entry #5

Saturday, March 26:
Had a great dinner last night with many day hikers from Atlanta.  3 guys from Suannee hiked up with the intension of going up to Springer in the morning but poor weather for today caused them to change plans and hike back down.  A couple, Bob and Sherry were here for their anniversary (bunk beds go figure)and a retired Delta pilot, Bill hikes up here frequently for the exercise.  From first hand experience... IT'S GOOD EXERCISE!  After relaxing here a couple of hours the final leg up to Springer didn't seem as daunting but I'm glad I stayed.

Today I hiked out in the pouring rain and did about 6.2 miles and am now at Stover Creek Shelter on the AT with Matt & Cameron from Conn. and Dee from Tampa.  It was raining so hard I missed the plaque at the start and had to hike back to register and take photos.  What I've learned:

Pack covers do not protect packs from rain
Rocks & roots really are slippery in the rain
Hiking poles are essential -especially for us older folks (thanks Jim & Jen)
I obviously have no hips because no matter how tight I make the hip belt the pack still slips down.

Even in the rain hiking is fun.
Matt wants to play a game of Monopoly so may have to join in.
The adventure continues tomorrow.

Roger (Still no trail name but a hiker came up behind me today and said your "leaning to the right") maybe too political

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