Sunday, October 2, 2011

Journal Entry # 187

Saturday, October 1 - Day 191 - Mile 2165.9 (No change - ZERO in Millinocket).

Restless night but lots of positive input from around the world on Buffalo Bobby to read in email and on the blog. I've heard from many of our long term and short term hiker friends and others who were touched by Bobby along this long & narrow strip of wilderness.

This morning Jane & I had breakfast at a restaurant, The Appalachian Cafe,  owned by a woman hiker named Jamie who was hiking the trail on Thursday and had met the three of us as we began our hike out of the White House Landing. We also met several other hikers who knew Bobby at the Restaurant.
Tonight a small crowd of us, including three of Buffalo Bobby's children, Rob, Dagny and Julie,  will gather for dinner here in Millinocket.

Frank arrived this afternoon along with a bottle of bourbon which was greatly appreciated.  Mid afternoon Rob, Dagny & Julie arrived and joined Sue & Frank, Double Check & his Dad Joe and Jane & I at the hotel where we traded Buffalo Bobby stories for a couple of hours.  Double Check had made enlargements of a couple of recent photos of Bobby that he passed along.  We them set off for dinner where we were joined by Hopper & Bismarck.

Shortly after we started we were joined by Rainbow & Fire Starter who had stayed with Buffalo Bobby through the entire afternoon into the evening Thursday comforting Bobby and arranging and assisting with his move out of the 100 Mile Wilderness. No small task!  Buffalo Bobby's family, Double Check and I can't thank them enough for their efforts.

Again the 13 of us shared our stories around the table filled with thoughts of Bobby. It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to share this night with some of Bobby's family and friends.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, Double Check & I will once again get back on the trail and finish the one last section prior to our climb of Katahdin on Monday or later in the week.

Peace, Love, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

Celebrating Buffalo Bobby's life with stories from some of those who loved him.


  1. I met Bob at the Toms River Health Club some years ago, before his 2nd trip on the trail. We spent many hours in both the spa and the sauna talking about the books that he was reading or had read, which were considerable.

    He was truly a sweet man who never, afik, spoke ill of anyone.

    I moved and changed health clubs and so lost touch with him, to my loss. But I always smiled when the local paper would hale his adventures.

    My time with him was short, but none-the-less I knew he was special.

  2. "A Mile With Me" by Henry Van Dyke:

    O who will walk a mile with me
    Along life's merry way?
    A comrade blithe and full of glee,
    Who dares to laugh out loud and free,
    And let his frolic fancy play,
    Like a happy child, through the flowers gay
    That fill the field and fringe the way
    Where he walks a mile with me.

    And who will walk a mile with me
    Along life's weary way?
    A friend whose heart has eyes to see
    The stars shine out o'er the darkening lea,
    And the quiet rest at the end o' the day,--
    A friend who knows, and dares to say,
    The brave, sweet words that cheer the way
    Where he walks a mile with me.

    With such a comrade, such a friend,
    I fain would walk till journeys end,
    Through summer sunshine, winter rain,
    And then?--Farewell, we shall meet again!

    Rest in Peace Buffalo Bobby. We're grateful you were at our Uncle's side ♥

  3. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Buffalo Bobby during Trail Days in Damascus this year. We went to visit my dad and it felt like Bobby was part of the family. I was always thankful that my dad had met him (as well as Guardian, Double Check, and all the others that have helped him along that way) and had such a solid hiking partner. I think that’s when I started sleeping at night and not worrying so much about my dad on the trail. I no longer had to stay up and wait for him to check in on his Spot gps tracker. I knew that he was in great company. It’s bittersweet that the adventure is almost coming to a close, but I know Buffalo Bobby is still with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as they hike the summit to Mt. Katahdin.

    I love you, Dad and can't wait to see you!! - Marylou