Saturday, October 1, 2011

Journal Entry #185

*Note to readers.  I do not always get my father's updates on the day he writes them, which is evident below, but I always put them in order, regardless.  Read on.

Thursday, September 29 - Day 189 - Mile 2150.9 - Rainbow Stream Lean-to

NOTE:  Just after making this entry two hikers, Shotgun and Rodie, came into camp and let me know that Buffalo Bobby was found in some distress on the trail.  Two other hikers, Fire Starter and Rainbow were with Bobby and assisting with his transfer to a hospital in Minninocket.  More news on Bobby as soon as we know.

We had a wonderful time at White Mountain Landing Hostel. Breakfast this morning was fabulous. Bill & Linda couldn't have done more for us from the moment we arrived until we left with our packs bulging with food.

At today's start we were informed that rain was likely by noon and then continue into the evening. Our goal was to get to this shelter before the rain, which was ambitious because we didn't get started until 9:00 AM.  As so often happens all we had was a very minor sprinkle and then the sun was out all afternoon.  It's now 6:25 and still no rain.

The hike was fairly easy with the exception of a couple of climbs. We made camp before 5:00 PM
At this point we're only about 30 miles from the end. Tomorrow we're shooting for Abol Bridge where we'll make reservations for The Birches.  The Birches is the last stop before climbing Katahdin and we can only stay there one night so our reservation depends on the weather.

Today we could actually see Katahdin from the top of Nesuntabunt Mountain. This was my first sighting!
More news tomorrow as we approach the prize.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,

Trolley Stop

Menu at the White House Landing

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