Saturday, October 1, 2011

Journal Entry #186

Friday, September 30 - Day 190 - Mile 2165.9 -Abol Bridge

Received the news today at 3:00 PM that Buffalo Bobby had a massive stroke and passed away yesterday, September 29th.

Double Check and  I are still trying to deal with this news.  We thought for sure that Buffalo Bobby would meet us at Abol Bridge and ask..."WHAT'S THE HOLD-UP!"

Bobby made this hike what it has been for me.  His knowledge of all the fun places on the trail made it a parade of interesting sites, sights, and people.  His outgoing inquisitive nature was the perfect balance against my somewhat reserved approach.  We talked a lot on the trail, particularly in the mornings, and then separated and hiked alone for long in my dreamworld and Bobby with his IPod listening to Christian music and the Bible.  Guardian always wondered how often one could listen to the Bible.
Bobby was a joyful, fun-filled person who brought light to every person he met. He always left a note in the shelter that started with..."Buffalo Bobby sighting..."

Double Check & I will finish our hike over the next few days and slowly return to normal life with memories of the fun, and sometimes crazy, adventures of Buffalo Bobby.

Today Heaven doesn't know what a force has hit it.  "WHERE'S MY COFFEE?". Even Jesus, Mary and Joseph won't be able to ignore his donkey call.

So long friend.

Today's  hike was punctuated with attempts to find out what happened to Buffalo Bobby.

The hike itself was relatively easy and we got our first real clear view of Katahdin.   We arrived at Abol Bridge about 3:00 PM, arranged for tent sites and started to set up camp when we finally heard the news about Bobby.

We then headed straight for Millinocket where we are tonight with family.

Not much else I can say.  Bobby did warn me that every day can't be perfect.

Trolley Stop

Buffalo Bobby at Antler campsite.  September 27, 2011


  1. I so enjoyed meeting Buffalo Bobby in Harpers Ferry, such a great guy! I know you will miss your friend as you finish this journey, but you know he will be with you in spirit as you climb Katahden. Sending love and prayers to you and Bobby's family. Love you Dad! Jill

  2. My name is Ryan, I ran into the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in Dalton MA where we stayed at Rob's, the Bird Cage. I couldn't believe it when I read what happened to Bobby. Although I only knew him for a day or so, I felt as if I had known him for years. Actually I felt like this for all three of the guys. I think the trail can have these sorts of affects on people. God bless and good luck with the short remainder of your hike Trolley Stop. Buffalo Bobby will surely be missed.

  3. The words written above brought out a gasp of disbelief, I was shocked. I got to meet Bobby Buffalo briefly in May of this year during a section hike in Va. My deepest sympathies are extended to his family and loved ones. He was a rare character. His love of the trail and his fellow hikers was easily sensed. I recall the wonderful meal and companionship we shared over dinner at the Palisades Restauran near the Woods Hole Hostel. Trolley Stop, you are also in my thoughts and prayers. Buffalo Bobby brought you this far, complete the journey in his honor.
    With kind regards,