Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jouranl Entry #38

Thursday, May 5 - Day 42 - Mile 404.9 - Campsite
End of my 6th week and broke 400 miles. Beginning to feel like we've done something. The Virginia State line is also close.  Only about 54 miles away. We'll likely get some miles beyond Damascus before Trail Days at this rate.

Started off the day by having an amazing breakfast at the Mountain Harbour B&B just off the AT.  (This hiker hostel set a new high standard) Then back on the trail. Still cold, but no snow, hail or rain.

Day turned out to be perfect so we had another high mileage day.

Tonight I'm tenting at a campsite with Buffalo Bobby and Vegemite. Starting to get cold quickly and we're bushed from our hike today so we're all in our sleeping bags at 7:45PM. (think I may have set a record getting the tent up this evening)

It's interesting that no north bound hikers have walked  past us in the last couple of days. Despite seeing few hikers on the trail, the hostels and shelters are full.

With the beautiful weather today we we're treated to many great views. This section was also packed with waterfalls and rushing streams.

All continues to go well. Looking forward to seeing those who can make Trail Days.

Lots of love,
Trolley Stop

Table Setting at breakfast at the Mountain Harbour B&B

Enjoying Breakfast!

Falls along the trail

Taking a pack break at the falls

Buffalo Bobby planning out our next stop


Roan Mountain


  1. Hey TS, I think Grandma's spirit is with you because that table setting looks like something right out of her dining room :) I can almost hear Grandpa's electric carver and see the phone receiver in its usual dinner position, off the cradle. On to VA soon! Love D&K.

  2. MEL I am ready to go, I will be free in about 20 years, I will start getting in shape now! Dad, can't wait to see a picture of you with a Mohawk in a kilt! Looks like you are having some long hiking days and some wonderful stops along the way. Love you!! Jill

  3. I will go too! I could use the AT diet to lose the baby weight! Hahaha. Seriously though, we should do it...if dad can, then we can!

  4. Hi Trolley Stop and Buffalo Bobby! Congratulations! You made it to Damascus, VA. I hope you found the place that flips a good burger and the ice cream shop. I saw them in the National Geographic documentary on the AT. Have a great time at Trail Days. Looking forward to the pictures. Love, Eileen

  5. Roger, your description of the crowds of hikers leavning Damascus after Trail Days reminds me of the rush at the doors when Bloomingdales opens in the morning. Maybe your AT experience isn't so unlike New York City afer all!