Sunday, May 22, 2011

Journal Entry #55

Sunday, May 22 - Day 59 - Mile 616.8 - Sugar Run Gap - Woods Hole Hostel.

Another restful night tenting. Woke up to the tent soaked with a heavy dew. (It's now drying out on the lawn here at the hostel)

We had an interesting hike today. The first half was a repeat of the past two days...easy ups & downs. The second half reminded us how tough the trail can be. It was a 3 hour steep climb that took everything I had to finish today.

We're now at another great hostel, but tonight they're not cooking dinner. We we wondering what to do when Maglav and JB came to the hostel and invited Buffalo Bobby and me to join them tonight for dinner in town. Maglav's Daughter is picking us up. Another piece of trail magic out of the blue.

Tomorrow we will make Pearisburg, VA where we're thinking of taking a "0" on Tuesday.

Another great day,
Trolley Stop

Coffee in Woods Hole Hostel

Woods Hole Hostel Living Room
Woods Hole Hostel
Buffalo Bobby enjoying the porch
Fred T Four debunks hanging food bags to keep bears away

Maglav, Trolley Stop, JB, and Buffalo Bobby - fine dining!

JB, Maglav, & Candice at Dinner


  1. You amaze me with every passing day!! I wish I had the strength and determination to try such an amazing journey. My dad was so sorry he missed your call, I call and giv him updates as oftenas I can. We all continue to pray for your strength and safety and enjoy reading all your updates!!! Please stay safe and know that lots of us are with you and Aunt Jane as you continue this great journey!!! Much love, Nancy, Chris Savannah & Mackenzie!!! And my parents too

  2. UR Don't worry I am putting Oprah's final shows on DVD for probably are missing this monumental moment...OH THAT'S RIGHT..YOU ARE OUR MONUMENTAL OCCASION...! I keep Rita Girl posted on your travels...Love you lots! L

  3. I think the real "Trail Magic" is that the longer you're hiking, the younger you're looking!!!! I think I may need to plan a quick trip down the trail in a few short years!! LOL!!! Anyone want to join me???
    Hope the weather clears up for you really soon and you have sunnier trail days ahead!! We'll see you when you hit Litchfield County in Connecticut!!!
    Lots of love,

  4. TS: Your posts inspire me to carry the camaraderie and community spirit so alive along the Trail into our lives out here. I will make an effort to create some "Trail Magic" in my world, and am so grateful for every person who bestowed some on you and your fellow hikers :) Love D&K.