Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Journal Entry #44

Wednesday, May 11 - Day 48 - Mile 464.7 (no change - "0" day)

Last evening a big rain storm hit with lots of lightning & thunder. Heavy rain continued through the night, but once again our good fortune continued since we were warm and dry in a hostel.

Today's a good day to sort gear and check out alternative lighter weight solutions. Need to get my pack weight down. Shouldn't drop winter gear until Pearisburg, VA so this is going to be a challenge.

Another good breakfast and a laid back day. 2nd "0".

This afternoon the Baptist is putting on a cookout so once again we'll be eating well.

Anxious to get back on the trail.

Trolley Stop

hiker hostel

hungry hikers waiting to eat!

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  1. You know Trolley, I am sure I could not get this far without at least one complaint or snigger (lol--understatement!). Reading Bill Bryson's "Into The Woods" and your blog simultaneously is a revelation: While Bryson experiences The Trail with the irony of modern man confronting the wild, you experience it with gracious appreciation for the privilege of being nature's guest. What a great life lesson you give us in your posts: to view the world by what's right with it, not by what's wrong, and thank you also for showing us that putting ourselves out there--making ourselves vulnerable--can help move us toward those positive perspectives. We Love You! D&K.