Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journal Entry #36

Tuesday, May 3 - Day 40 - Mile 374.6 - Carvers Gap  TN

Weather reports for today was very poor, as it is for the week,  but we seem to be having good luck with hiking in good weather.

Today we slack packed over 10 miles.  We were fortunate that heavy rain held off until we returned to the hostel but we were ready for anything with our rain gear.   Slack packing truly is a walk in the woods. It was a pleasure only carrying about 7 pounds or so - water, rain gear and snacks.

We're all now waiting for Pizza which will be brought in later. In the meantime Buffalo Bobby and others had their hair cut by 20% (trail name) I'm waiting to get my Mohawk until some later date.  I'll post before & after photos of Buffalo Bobby when I Can.

Tomorrow we get back on the trail where we started today and continue north.

Today we passed a lot of friends as we hiked south and Buffalo Bobby passed out Snicker bars he had carried in his slack pack as trail magic.

Trolley Stop

Buffalo Bobby getting his haircut by 20%
Buffalo Bobby Before the haicut
Buffalo Bobby after the haircut

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