Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Journal Entry #50

Tuesday, May 17 - Day 54 - Mile 539.7- Atkins VA

Had a good nights sleep at the Partnership Shelter. Today started out cold and rainy and didn't improve much so we're taking a NERO and stopped at a Comfort Inn this afternoon. Only covered 11.6 miles before lunch. (That would have been a good days hike a few weeks ago...we seem to have our trail legs now).

Before we came here we had another great lunch and Circuit Rider and Sherlock stopped by to say hello before continuing their hike this afternoon.

Special Delivery and Trucker also joined us for lunch.

We get picked up at 6:30 in the morning for a shuttle to breakfast and the trail head in Atkins.

Hope all is well with all,

Trolley Stop

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  1. UR, when do you anticipate passing through Harriman State Park in NY? And when do you pass through Vermont? Thanks! D&K.