Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journal Entry #48

Sunday, May 15 - Day 52 - Mile 505.1 - VA 603, Fox Creek

Onward into Virginia!!!

Had a terrific time with family, friends and fellow hikers at Trail Days but now it's time to continue the journey. (funny...no one seemed to want to join us...except Anna)

Another milestone...500 miles. Only 41 miles to the 25% point.

This morning Jane drove Buffalo Bobby and me up to Elk Garden and dropped us off in a light rain and fog to continue our journey.

As has been our good fortune the rain stopped in a couple of hours and ultimately the sun came out. As we crossed 603 there was a guy offering rides to the local church hostel. We took him up on it, so once again we're in a hostel and had a good meal at a local restaurant.

Were hoping for a good rest tonight and a really strong hiking day tomorrow. Were still a bit sluggish from all the time off and good food in Damascus.

The woods today were beautiful and ever changing. Early on with the rain I managed to have my 6th fall into the mud. No harm done, but my clothes are a mess. Likely no one will notice.

Tonight we met Circuit Rider and Sherlock two hikers Buffalo Bobby ran into on his two previous hikes. Circuit Rider is a Baptist Pastor and Sherlock (Lay Minister) has his degree in Divinity and is on his way to becoming a Pastor in the future. They met about 8 years ago and have been hiking the trail ministering to the hikers and helping out at hostels since. Two terrific guys.

Well it's Sunday night and the "work week" begins tomorrow so I'd best get some sleep.

Love, Peace, Joy & Happiness to all,

Trolley Stop

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  1. Your post today brought Robert Frost to mind: "The woods are lovely, dark and deep..."