Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Journal Entry #43

Tuesday, May 10 - Day 47 - Mile 464.7 - Damascus, VA

Crossed over the North Carolina / Virginia boarder early this morning and made it into Damascus. We're bunking at the Baptist Church hostel right in town tonight and tomorrow night and the will hopefully get a ride 20 or 25 miles north and hike back to Damascus on Thursday and Friday.

I'm currently hanging out at the laundry after having had a wonderful breakfast of coffee, pancakes, sausage, OJ and a banana. I held off finishing up with ice cream as Buffalo Bobby did.

The day is beautiful and hikers are flowing into town. It's amazing how many we know. By Friday this town will be hopping.

Thought we'd have phone service now that we're in VA and in a large town, but alas AT&T continues to disappoint us.

Tonight we all went to a local restaurant and had plenty to eat and lots of interesting trail talk. Met a new hiker named Lieutenant Dan who looks just like the character in Forest Gump. We had a huge table of happy campers both young and old.

F. Prince joined other denominations in town to pray for the hikers. He is going to join us for breakfast in the morning.

All around...lots of fun here.


Trolley Stop

Trail days!!

Pizza, burgers, and beer (not on a log!)

Lieutenant Dan

Lone Star still not full

father figure

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