Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Journal Entry #42

Monday, May 9 - Day 46 - Mile 459.1- Campsite

Left camp about 7:45 and hit the next shelter about a half hour later. We chatted with some southbound section hikers there then moved on.

Later this morning we met F. Prince who we helped by giving him some Excedren for his back pain yesterday. Evidently it worked as he said we saved his life.

We met F. Prince at the next shelter during lunch and learned a bit more about him. He's 71 and a Jesuit who served in Micronesia for most of his career. He currently lives in New Orleans and was granted permission to section hike the trail. He started March 9th and will finish tomorrow in Damascus for this year.

He wound up camping with Buffalo Bobby and me tonight and I had a nice conversation with him. He's lost 50 lbs in the last two months. Buffalo Bobby asked if he knew any good Catholic jokes and he came up with a good one. It may be just a coincidence but thunder roared in the background.

Once again we camped at the side of the trail in a really nice spot just short of the NC / VA border. We'll hit the trail early and move on to Damascus.

Love to all,

Trolley Stop

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