Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Journal Entry #56

Monday, May 23 - Day 60 - Mile 627.2 - Pearisburg, VA

Had what was likely the best dinner we'll have on the trail last evening at the Palisades Restaurant.

Overnight rain pounded down until morning when the sun came out. At about 7:15 the triangle was rung for coffee and we all hung out on the porch at Woods Hole Hostel talking an sipping coffee or tea. At 8:00 the triangle rang again for breakfast which was wonderful and filling. At 9:00 AM we were off to the trail. We had some beautiful views today.

Our goal for today was Pearisburg, VA.

Were now at the Holy Family Hostel in Pearisburg, the first Catholic Hostel we've come across. The setting is beautiful and very peaceful.  Pearisburg is traditionally where hikers send home their winter gear, so we should be in for some warmer weather.

Once again we were fortunate to get a ride from the trail to the hostel, which would have been a very long and hot walk.

Here tonight are Hopeful and his hiking partner Cog. I told Hopeful's story a couple of days ago.
We'll make a decision in the morning on taking a "0" or not.

The best to all,
Trolley Stop

View from Pearis Mountain

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