Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journal Entry #37

Wednesday, May 4 - Day 41 - Mile 388.4 - Roan Mountain B&B - Elk Park, NC

Very heavy rain overnight and cold, but not raining this morning. Enjoyed listening to the rain on the roof from our dry, warm bunk room.

After a good breakfast we were shuttled back to the trail by Connie, the Owner of the Greasy Creek Inn, where we spent another night,  but found that the woods were covered with snow and a light snow falling.  Looked just like a scene out of Dr Zhivago.  We hiked in snow, sleet or falling ice for about two hours after which it warmed up enough that we could hike in shirt sleeves. That didn't last long as high cold winds came up as we crossed the balds. The rest of the day we hiked in our parkers.  The sleet threatened all day, but fortunately, aside from cold temperatures, worse weather didn't materialize.  This has been the coldest day since the hike began on March 25th.  Who would expect this in May?  Some have already sent home their winter gear.

Tonight most hikers have found a hostel or other spot to take shelter from the freezing. We, Buffalo Bobby, Bandaid Kid and myself are the nicest hiker hostel yet - really a B&B.   After breakfast it's back on the trail.

Dan Martin (Cursillo buddy) called me today to let me know he saw my name on the prayer list on the Rooster Review.  He was concerned something may have happened to me on the trail but I assured him I was doing great. Those prayers must be working however since I seem to be having extremely good fortune so far. Thanks all!!!

Trolley Stop

Waiting for Breakfast

Can you believe this Hiker Hostel??

Buffalo Bobby talking to our host Mary

Amazing Breakfast spread.  Cost, $5 dollars!

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  1. Trolley, you make this incredible undertaking look really easy, and it's so nice that we get to see pictures of you lounging in a toasty B&B rather than trudging through the snow in your parka. And that breakfast THAT'S the sort of image we want to conjure up when we imagine you out there on the Trail: warm, comfortable, and well fed :). Love Deb & Ken.