Friday, May 20, 2011

Journal Entry #51

Wednesday, May 18 - Day 55 - Mile - 553.6 - Knot Maul Branch Shelter.

Had a chance yesterday to connect with most of my Sisters & Brothers as well as others via phone from the hotel. Sounds like things are going well with all at the moment.

Today we had a good breakfast at the hotel before being picked up at 6:30 to return to the trail. If we keep eating like this were likely going to start gaining weight!

Predictions of rain were incorrect so we at least had a dry day but quite chilly. Heavy rain last night made the trail a quagmire which made footing very tricky. I managed to have a fall free day for the first time in 4 days. Sunday, Monday and yesterday I had a fall on each day bringing my total for the hike to 8.

We stopped today at the Knot Maul Shelter. At the moment we're the only two here but we know more are on the way. Pigeon (from Germany) and Trek (of 17 pound pack fame) stopped by for a visit and a hiker new to us, Old Blue, will spend the night as will Trucker. Old Blue is from Florida and his wife is following him with a camper to resupply, avoid hitch-hiking and such.

There's a cold chill in the air so we're all taking a rest in our sleeping bag. The weather in May has been very cold. It's likely warmer up north.

It's now 6:30PM, the shelter is full and tents are set up in every available spot. The Damascus crowd is catching up with us. So much for quiet shelters. As soon as the weather clears up we'll be back to tenting.

Peace to all,

Trolley Stop

view from inside knot maul shelter


  1. You're doing us proud, Tolley, walking point for the Damascus crowd! And Trek, pfssht! That overachiever! I mean, ANYone can carry 17 lbs., (...well hold on there--I'm just remembering how hard pregnancy was...and Kate ionly weighed 6 lbs...o.k. nevermind!). Give Trek, the other awesome hikers, and yourself a big hug from us! D&K xo!

  2. HAHA, Dad's pack weight just under what Logan weighs and I can hardly carry that kid up the stairs, let alone for 20+ miles. Dad, at least your pack doesn't talk to you non-stop the whole time!!

  3. Hi Thru Hikers! So happy to see these posts tonight -- to know that you are in a hostel with others and got a ride to dinner. Love that Trail Magic. Thinking of you, Eileen