Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journal Entry #39

Friday, May 6 - Day 43 - Mile 412.8 - Dennis Cove - Staying at Kincora - owned by Bob Peoples.

Had a great sleep at our camp site last night. We headed out this morning at 7:45 and headed for this hostel Which was about an 8 mile hike.

The day started out cold but nice for hiking. About 10:00 AM rain/sleet came in.  We arrived at the Hostel about 12:00PM

This is a great place full of a lot of familiar faces. We're having a great time relaxing and eating and catching up on what everyone has been up to.  With Trail Days coming the place is full.

Baltimore Jack (of Mountains Crossing fame) is here cooking and telling stories.

Tonight we'll take the shuttle into town to re-supply and come back here for dinner.

Peace, love, joy & happiness,
Trolley Stop

Typical Trail View looking South

Typical Trail View looking North


  1. Hello to Buffalo Bobby....Hope you are well and your knees are holding up. They must be fine as you seem to be making good time! I have seen a few pics of you getting your hair cut...quite handsome. And you lookd like you have lost weight ...will you be at Trail Days? I may try to go. Hike Safe & hope I can hike some with you later in the summer. Jill

  2. Roger, if there are no Northbound hikers passing you IT MEANS YOU ARE IN FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!YEA!!!!!