Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journal Entre #35

Sunday, May 1 - Day 38 - Mile 344.1 - Curley Maple Gap Shelter

Once again the trail is calling. Won't "0" today because the weather is good. Will go into town for breakfast and start on the trail a bit late today.  More news later.

10:00 - have a phone signal in town so was able to speak with Jane and others.

1:30 PM - Short 4.2 miles (1300' elevation gain) to this shelter and will dry out the tent and relax this afternoon.
This shelter was just built last  year...the best we've seen in a long while.

Buffalo Bobby is making tea for himself and Gail (One of the Chosen Few) who's just passing thru taking a lunch break. As with many others, Gail has been showing up in several places.  Sometimes hikers will "slack pack" which means someone will drive them 15 or 20 miles ahead on the trail and they can hike back to the hostel without carrying a full pack- just food & water for the day. So it's not unusual to see someone you know slack packing south only to be dropped off the next day where they started their slack packing the day before and continue north. I'm sure at some point I'll have the opportunity to slack pack.

7:30 - Turning in.  Shelter is full with lots of good folks. We've had a pleasant afternoon meeting with many who just stopped for lunch and those here for the night.

Tomorrow we get back in stride hiking longer miles heading for the next hostel by mid week or sooner. We have a 2100' climb tomorrow so I hope we sleep well tonight.

Trolley Stop

Dinner at the Shelter

Gail (One of the Chosen Few)

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