Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Journal Entry # 127

Tuesday, August 2 - Day 131 - Mile 1561.3- Dalton, MA

Wow!  21 miles today!  This was Guardian's longest hike. We decided to change our plan and hike all the way into Dalton.  We learned of a hostel in Dalton that's working out. We'll get cleaned up, clothes washed, a ride to a diner for dinner and a grocery to resupply.

Our hike today was over very rough trail that was full of relatively small ups and downs but gave us a good workout. 11 hours of hiking is close to our limit.

About mid hike we had a wonderful stop at a blueberry farm. The owners had vast fields of blueberries, hard boiled eggs, lemonade and ice cream. Very nice break mid hike. Buffalo Bobby was the only one who actually picked blueberries.

It's well past our bedtime (10:30 PM), the hostel is full and our sleeping arrangements here are rather spartan but we'll make it through the night OK.

Tomorrow we move another step closer to finishing MA.  Should be a good day since we'll have both breakfast & lunch opportunities near the trail.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope
Trolley Stop

PS:  Our hiker didn't finish the 12 egg omelet challenge but made a valiant try.

The Hikers at the hostel have dinner at the diner.

Hiker takes on the 12 egg omlette challenge.  Prize is a t-shirt.

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