Monday, August 15, 2011

Journal Entry # 139

Sunday, August 14 - Day 143 - Mile 1716.8 - VT 12 - Woodstock

With rain in the forecast, Frank picked us up before 6:00 AM and drove us to the trailhead in Killington where Marion had picked us up on Friday. We were off and hiking by 7:10.

 The trail and the weather, despite predictions, turned out to be perfect. We had sunshine and cool temperatures all day.  The trail was just the opposite from our last hike up Killington Peak. It's quite amazing how it could be so different. Instead of endless rocks & roots we had a pretty smooth path most of the day. We did do a lot of climbing but with a slake pack even that was relatively easy.

We hiked just over 20 miles in less then 10 hours. A very good day.

As we came out of the woods we were immediately met by Susan, Jane & Lee who had water and snacks which we enjoyed as Susan drove us back to Bristol.

This evening we were hosted by Fred & Marion and treated to a wonderful dinner and desserts.  Lots of fun conversation and laughs around the table. Grandma Burke was with us which made it even more special.
Tired but very happy we ended our day.

Tomorrow we head into Burlington to resupply and look around a bit.

Trolley Stop

Grandma Burke (Jane's mom) and Trolley Stop

Lee & Guardian

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