Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Journal Entry # 143

Thursday, August 18 - Day 147 - Mile 1740.7 - Velvet Rocks Shelter

Today we left Bristol and returned to the trail eager to cross the State line into NH.  The time in Vermont has gone by very quickly.

Jane & Marion drove us back to the trailhead early this morning and we were off hiking by 8:45.

The hike was pleasant. Lots of sunshine and good trail. Eventually we came out of the woods and had a long road walk through Norwich, VT then walked the bridge over the Connecticut River where we crossed over into New Hampshire and Dartmouth.  Dartmouth is a nice town. We stopped for a soda on Main Street and continued on the trail through town, past the College and St Denis Catholic Church and ultimately returned to the woods after walking past the soccer fields.

We arrived at the shelter about 3:00 and began our search for water. After going down many dead end trails we met a jogger who knew where the water was. We hiked and hiked and after about a mile of unmarked trail we came to a less than perfect source of water. It was a large culvert on end that collected water. A couple of frogs were swimming in the water trapped by the steep sides. We pumped our water and rescued the two frogs and began our journey back to camp. All & all we spent over an hour getting water.

Dinner is over now and the day is cooling down quickly.  Should be a good night for sleeping.
We miss all the comforts and fun of Bristol but are getting back into the swing of things. Boy...the packs are heavy!

Thanks again to all for a wonderful week.
Trolley Stop

Velvet Rock Shelter.  First Shelter in NH heading North

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