Monday, August 1, 2011

Journal Entry # 126

Monday, August 1 - Day 130 - Mile 1540.7 - Upper Goose Pond Cabin

Good night in the last shelter. It cooled off nicely for sleeping and Guardian and I had the place to ourselves.

We had a great hike today. Nice weather even though thunderstorms were predicted.  We spent most of our day in deep woods - not too many views but the woods were very beautiful for the most part. We passed a couple of lakes and finished our hike here at Upper Goose Pond.  This area used to be owned by a private club going back to the 1800s, but was donated to the State in the 80s. We have access to the pond to swim, nice bunks, open porch to have dinner and relax, and the promise of an AYCE pancake breakfast prepared by the volunteer caretaker in the morning.

Lots of good conversation on the porch tonight.

Violent storms are predicted for tonight with hail, etc., but right now it couldn't be nicer out here.  We'll see what happens.  At any rate it's nice to have a roof over our heads should the weather change.

Tomorrow we have an 18 mile hike to the next shelter. We then hope to hike a few miles to Dalton the next day and take another NERO to clean up and resupply.

All continues to go well.
Trolley Stop

View from Upper Goose Pond cabin

Upper Goose Pond cabin

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