Sunday, August 7, 2011

Journal Entry # 131

Saturday, August 6 - Day 135 - Mile 1617.6 - Kid Gore Shelter

Great night tenting. Good sleep and ready for our long hike today.

Trail conditions:  rocky with many roots and chance of mud at any turn. I don't believe there was one level spot on the trail all day. We made it into camp just as the rains came. Guardian & I chose the shelter and Buffalo Bobby set up his tent. The shelter is full with more hikers reportedly on their way. The weather prediction is for rain into tomorrow morning. Hope not...don't like slippery rocks.

Other than the late rain the day was great for hiking.

Looking forward to stopping in Manchester for an afternoon on Monday. There's supposed to be an REI.  Once again my hiking poles need major work. I guess I'm too hard on them.  Want to be sure to get them fixed before we hit New Hampshire.

Time once again to get some sleep and pray the rain lets up by morning.

Peace, Love, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop


  1. Congratulations on making Vermont, Trolley! I can't believe you needed a down jacket already, but I remember the summer nights were cool in the Catskills. I hope the rocks weren't slippery today :). Welcome to the home stretch! Love Deb.

  2. Welcome to the Green Mountains...there won't be much level trail I'm afraid. It's all up and down! Can't wait to see you and the boys in Bristol.