Thursday, August 18, 2011

journal entry #142

Wednesday, August 17 - Day 146 - Mile 1729.4 (no change - ZERO in Bristol

The sun is shinning and the temperature 70 degrees. A beautiful day.

We headed to the airport to get Lee to her flight this morning and had a very pleasant ride through the countryside both ways.

After having lunch and running a few errands we stopped to pick up some wild salmon for dinner at Ed's tonight.

Then it was back home to begin reassembling our packs for our hike out tomorrow morning. After almost a week off, a full pack may take some getting used to.  But wait!  Jerry & Jan are making arrangements to meet us in NH for a couple of days of slake packing.  Is this a great Country or what?

Guardian was pressed into service tonight to prepare the salmon and did a professional job. Everyone else pitched in and made wonderful contributions to the meal. Thanks  Ed for hosting us all twice this week!  Once again the evening was filled with laughter.  Sorry to see this great time come to a close.  What a wonderful vacation from our vacation.

Tomorrow, fully fed, refreshed and hydrated,  we leave Vermont behind and take on the challenges of New Hampshire. It's exciting to be beginning a new, and the next to last, State.

Love, peace, joy & hope,
Trolley Stop

Guardian and Lee at the airport

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