Monday, August 15, 2011

Journal Entry # 135

Wednesday, August 10 - Day 139 - Mile 1673.0 - Minerva Hinchey Shelter

The Scouts were no problem last night. They were all very courteous.

Rained overnight so slippery rocks, etc. today. The good news is the rain predicted for today never came and the day was mostly beautiful. The rocks & mud are relentless so our progress was very slow. Slower still by missing a small sign indicating the AT made a sharp turn. This caused us to waste about 30 minutes going down and then climbing back up a blue blazed trail. Oh well!

The woods were very pretty all day. We climbed Vermont's Bear Mountain, the third Bear Mountain in as many weeks.

Tomorrow we have a breakfast opportunity at the Whistle Stop restaurant just a few miles up the trail. We'll be well fueled for hiking up Killington Peak later on the day.  This is the highest point on the AT in Vermont - 4,245'. We'll be starting at 800' so this will be a good climb.

Tonight we're all three tenting at this shelter site.  Spent some time chatting with hikers around a nice warm fire one fellow started. It's turned a bit chilly which is amazing for early August  Should be good for sleeping. Speaking of which...

Trolley Stop

The L.E.G. at a scenic overlook in VT

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