Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Journal Entry # 141

Tuesday, August 16 - Day 145 - Mile 1729.4 - VT 14 - West Hartford, VT

Rained all night and was still raining heavily as we got ready for our slake pack today. Jane and Lee drove us to Woodstock and then spent time in the area until we finished this afternoon.  The heavy rain moved out late this morning and the sun actually came out as we finished our hike.

The hike itself was very wet. Mud was everywhere and parts of the trail were more like fast moving streams. We stayed wet most of the day and our boots were soaked as a result of deep mud and raging streams from a day and a half of rain.  Buffalo Bobby took a tumble on a very wet and slick injury but a close call.

Jane and Lee were right on time to pick us up at the trailhead in New Haven, VT. They had water and huge muffins for us as well as a flannel shirt for each of us because they thought we would be cold. Wow!
Lee's dinner at Grandmas tonight was delicious. After dinner Buffalo Bobby treated us to ice cream.
Another great day!

Trolley Stop

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