Monday, August 15, 2011

Journal Entry # 134

Tuesday, August 9 - Day 138 - Mile 1658.1 - Lost Pond Shelter

Leisurely morning. Up at 6:00 had coffee and cookies while we waited for our taxi back to the trail at 7:30.  By 7:50 we were hiking.

Today we did 14.7 miles in the most wonderful hiking weather. For once we weren't soaked from sweat or rain.  Our route took us over Bromley Mountain, right past the ski lift, and the over Styles Peak, Peru Peak and Bakers Peak before we made it to the shelter.  We did experience more than the usual amount mud and some sunken bog boards which caused some wet boots but all & all a wonderful hike.

When we arrived at the shelter we found it full of Boy Scouts from all over the Country.  They are from New York, Detroit, Seattle, Cleveland, etc..  Tents are all over the place and several have taken over the shelter and are sleeping.

I called hello to the Scoutmaster but he said "shhh...everyone's sleeping".   This was at 4:30 PM.  They had hiked 8 miles and needed their rest.

Well now It's 7:00 PM, we're in our sleeping bags, but the Scouts are up making a fire right in front of us and beginning their evening festivities refreshed from their afternoon nap. It may be a long night!  Oh well, it's been months since I've spent a night with Scouts.  In fact the last time was during my first week on the trail. Guardian always asks why we don't sing camp fire songs and tell stories around the fire.  Maybe he'll get his wish tonight.

It's supposed to rain tonight so perhaps the festivities will end early. I'm actually enjoying the smell of the campfire and with ear plugs in now I can't hear too much.

I'll let you know tomorrow how this works out.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

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