Monday, August 15, 2011

Journal Entry # 137

Friday, August 12 - Day 141 - Mile 1696.4 - Killington, VT

Woke up early to a cold morning and we began our hike down to route 100 about 6:30.

The trail down was much less difficult then our trip up yesterday and we arrived down right on time to meet Marion for our ride to Bristol.

Marion had a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches as well as pastries and cookies. Since we were headed for lunch we only attacked the drinks and pastries and had the sandwiches on the ride home after lunch.  Great food! Thanks Marion.

Buffalo Bobby is staying with Sue & Frank while Guardian and his wife Lee, who flew in from North Carolina today, are here at Grandma Burkes home for our stay in Bristol.

This evening we spent at Marion & Fred's and had a good time catching up and enjoying more food.
Tomorrow the plan is to just relax and I'll get a chance to spend some time with Jane. It's supposed to be a beautiful day so I'm sure we'll spend most of our time outside.

We then hope to slake pack on Sunday. Need to find a good drop off point.

Great to be in Bristol.
Trolley Stop

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