Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Journal Entry # 140

Monday, August 15 - Day 144 - Mile 1716.8 (no change) ZERO in Bristol.

The rain finally came today.  Perfect since we're taking a ZERO. Really nice to sleep in a bit.
Jane made a wonderful breakfast casserole and Guardian made biscotti at Marion's so once again we're well fed.

Now it's off to resupply.

9:30 PM:  Rain continued all day so after resupplying we decided to forgo a trip into Burlington and go back to Bristol to rest a bit. This was good because Ed & Karen prepared a feast fit for kings at Ed's home which included pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw and  blueberry pie with ice cream and maple crumble...everything homemade. Endless wine and coffee completed the menu.  As always the evening was full of fun and wonderful people. Rocky Dale Gardens are beautiful even in the pouring rain...maybe especially so.

These last few days, hosted by Fred & Marion, Sue & Frank and Ed & Karen, have been fabulous to say the least.  We've never had three ZERO's in one week. This really reenergized us.

In the morning it's back on the trail for one more day of slake packing out of Bristol.  Tomorrow evening Lee will make dinner for the L.E.G. here at Grandma's house.

Jerry & Jan haven't given up on us either. There's still a possibility of connecting in New Hampshire where, if all works out, we'll be Thursday evening.

If asked by the ATC I may have to report the extraordinary support I've received all the way up the trail from family, old friends and some new friends which have made a big difference just at the right time. Because of our uncertain schedule we have missed visiting with several folks who offered their homes or support along the way. Thanks go out to all of you too.

Thanks also to everyone for all your prayers.  I know our good fortune is not by accident.

Trolley Stop

Ed, Amy, and Karen

Jane and Grandma Burke

Sue and Frank

Fred and Marian

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  1. Oh Trolley, I am SO glad you had three Zeroes this week, and to boot, were celebrated and spoiled by the amazing Burke clan!!! What a perfect week as you approach your goal! Loved all the pictures, and Ed looks just like Jimmy in that pic! And I gotta say: food never sounded so good as when it's described by you hikers! Lots of Love! Deb & Ken xoxo.