Sunday, August 28, 2011

Journal Entry 150

Thursday, August 25 - Day 154 - Mile 1814.7 - Mt. Lafayette / Greenleaf Hut (5,260')

6:00 AM:  Today begins my 6th month on the trail.   We're going over some big mountains today including Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Lafayette and Mt. Garfield. I know it's going to be slow going and we may have to stop short of our 10 mile goal.  We have a late start as well since we're at a hotel in Lincoln and will need to take a cab to the Trailhead.  More news later.

3:00 PM: Bad storms rolling in so we decided the better part of valor was to make it to Greenleaf Hut and spend the night.

Our hike was very strenuous with an over 3,800' climb out of Lincoln.  We hiked for over 6 hours but only have 6.4 miles to show for our effort. We had a mile hike to the trail this morning because the actual trailhead was in a spot where cars couldn't stop and then we had a 1.1 mile, very steep, hike to the hut on a blue blazed trail. In the morning we have to hike back up the blue blaze trail 1.1 miles to reconnect with the AT.
That's 3.2 uncounted miles but we're glad to be here out of the storm.

Some of the trail required me to take off my pack and throw it up before me so I could scramble up a steep climb after it.  Guardian thought he may need to review my blog for language but I assured him I wouldn't repeat my feelings for the trail planners today.

The walk across the top was similar to our experience over Mt. Moosilauke except we added rain/sleet to the howling wind and fog. The views must have been wonderful buy we didn't get to see them.

The huts are like really nice shelters. They are enclosed and have plenty of bunks, but no showers, heat or trash recepticals. All trash has to be packed out. There's also no electricity except for lights in the dining room.  All this for only $96 dollars per person.  We will get dinner and breakfast.

Tomorrow is supposed be be a nice day as is Saturday but then the hurricane may impact our weather again so we hope to get some good hiking in before more bad weather.

Once again we're safe and sound. This hut was in the right place at the right time.

Peace, love, joy & hope,
Trolley Stop

Greenleaf Hut - Dinner being prepared

Greenleaf Hut - Setting up for dinner

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  1. Hi Trolley: wondering how you pay for shelter? Do you just pick up cash at ATMs in towns along the way?