Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Journal Entry # 133

Monday, August 8 - Day 137 - Mile 1643.3 - Manchester Center (NERO)

Great rest at a nice shelter last night.

Today we only had a 10.7 mile hike to the road to Manchester. The hike started in a fine mist with some dense fog in places but before 11:00. AM the sun peeked through.

The hike itself was fairly easy. Not too many steep ups & downs.  Rocks, roots and mud did prevail.

Upon arriving at the road to Manchester we began to hitch into town and almost immediately a fellow stopped with room for one so Buffalo Bobby took that ride and no sooner had he taken off than a BMW driven by a true trail angel, Bill, stopped, gave us cold drinks and drove us into town.  We were at our destination before noon. Thanks Bill!

We're staying at Sutton's Place which is a beautiful private home with all the comforts of home. Our host, Frank, took very good care of us.

After getting cleaned up we walked into town to do laundry, have lunch, visit the outfitter (who was able to get my poles mostly fixed) and resupply.

Right now I'm in a terrific book store enjoying some quiet time and browsing before heading back to join the rest for dinner.  It's nice spending some time just reading.

Tomorrow we start the last leg of our journey to Killington, VT where we'll be picked up for some R&R and slake packing out of Bristol. Can't wait!

Tonight it's pizza and then to bed.

Trolley Stop

Home for the night in Manchester, VT


  1. Roger and Guardian.... glad to hear you guys made out well in Manchester.. Will follow your adventure with great interest, All the best. Bill in the black BMW. Might see you guys in Caratunk.

  2. Hey Trolley, Buffalo Bobby and Guardian! I tried to post a comment last night but must have missed a step. Would love to still be hiking with you guys; the L.E.G! Now that you're getting close to Maine, keep a close eye on Bobby - he has a tendency to get lost once in a while! Love your posts and photos - keep 'em coming! Was at Lakes of the Clouds Hut a week ago and guess who walked by -> Goldie! Was great to see him looking trim, fit, healthy, Happy, and North-bound! Happy Trails my friend! ~The Band-aid Kid~