Sunday, August 7, 2011

Journal Entry # 130

Friday, August 5 - Day 134 - Mile 1598.9 - Congdon Shelter - Vermont

Start of my 19th week on the AT.
Great NERO in North Adams. Had a blueberry pancake breakfast and took a cab back to the trailhead.
We immediately started a long hike up out of North Adams that culminated in a steep rock scramble. Eventually it leveled out and the end of Massachusetts was in sight.

We've made it onto Vermont!  About 11:00 AM we crossed over the border and took some photos and then started to climb some more. The climbs in Vermont were long but gentle compared to what we've been experiencing.

After our nice break yesterday afternoon today's hike seemed to take a long time. Could be because we didn't get to the trail until after 8:30 this morning.

The shelter here tonight is quite old so we're tenting.  Lots of other hikers are showing up and we had fun chatting or catching up. We're still meeting south bounders but their numbers seem to be dwindling.

 It's very pleasant right now as we prepare to go to sleep. There's a nice breeze and it's cooling down rapidly. It feels good to get back in the tent after a week of shelters, hostels and hotels.

Tomorrow is going to be the longest day we have planned for the Vermont section of the trail - 18.7 miles - then it will be back to lower mileage days until we hit New Hampshire.

Another great day on the AT!

Trolley Stop

Guardian Hits Vermont!

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