Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Journal Entry # 145

Saturday, August 20 - Day 149 - Mile 1772.8 - NH 25A - Wentworth, NH

Jerry & Jan left home very, very early and met us right on schedule this morning to pick up our gear to let us slack pack.  They arrived with hot breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds, orange juice and fruit to jump start our day.

The hike was terrific without our full packs and breakfast gave me lots of energy to attack the trail.  Although the climbs and downhills  were steep we were able to handle them with relative ease.  We took a nice bite (17 miles) out of the trail in NH today.

Jerry & Jan pulled up to the trailhead this afternoon just as we were coming out of the woods. Perfect timing. Jan mentioned there was an ice cream shop on the way back to the lodge and Buffalo Bobby treated us to enormous ice creams.

At the lodge we all shared a bunk room with a deck that overlooks Mt Moosilauke which Jan and Jerry climbed today and we'll climb early next week.

After we showered and changed. Jerry & Jan prepared a wonderful dinner on the deck which included sausage, hamburgers, steak tips, fresh salad, fruit salad and desert. They brought all of this from home including a grill.  Everything tasted so good.   It was fun to spend the evening eating, chatting and relaxing. I don't believe life on the trail can get better than this.

Tomorrow, after breakfast here at the lodge we'll get another chance to slack pack to a hostel in Glencliff.  Jerry & Jan will drop all our gear, not needed for slake packing, off at the hostel on their way home.

What a great weekend!  Thanks Jerry  & Jan for all your work.  You gave us a wonderful gift, not only slake packing but yourselves.

Lots of love,
Trolley Stop

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