Thursday, August 25, 2011

Journal Entry # 148

Tuesday, August 23 - Day 152 - Mile 1799.5 - Eliza Brook Shelter

Back on the trail with a full pack today and rugged steep trails. We only did 7.5 miles in 6 hours going over Mt. Wolf.  NH mud is unbelievable. We spent most of our day avoiding it or in it. We thought it was bad in Vermont but NH has taken mud to a new dimension.  I hope the final 100 miles of NH is not the same. If it is we'll be here longer than we thought.

It turned cold last night and this morning we needed our down jackets until we started our hike.  The day is sunny and clear, so great to be outside.

Miss Janet took us back to the trailhead, but of course breakfast came first.

Tonight there are 30 college students from the University of New Hampshire camping in the shelter area. They're taking a course in backpacking.  Guardian ask how heavy their packs are and they didn't know. He inquired further about the importance of knowing that since the course focused specifically on backpacking but the students didn't think that was relevant.  Guardian thought we should be very afraid about the education they're getting.

Lots of activity here tonight with hikers showing up and no camp sites left. We also have the trail maintainer staying here tonight with her dog. The shelter is brand new and she's here to install hanging pegs.

It's only 6:30 PM and we're all in our sleeping bags warming up.  It's really getting nippy out here.  The change in the weather has been very dramatic. Three days ago we couldn't hike without being soaked from sweat and now we need warm clothes.  Feels like those early days in Georgia & North Carolina.

Another beautiful day on the trail. (Except for the mud)
Love, peace, joy & hope,
Trolley Stop

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