Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Journal Entry # 154

Monday,  August 29 - Day 158 - Mile  1836.0 - North Conway, NH (No Change - another ZERO due to hurricane & trail closing)

Another day off the trail. An unprecedented 2nd ZERO in a row. It seems so much longer than just 36 hours since we stopped hiking.

Had a great breakfast and got a message from Brother of the Wind that he was in town as well.  I gave him a call and found he was on his way to the same restaurant for breakfast. So we met and agreed to have dinner together to plan our strategy for getting back on the trail and hiking the Presidentials.
Bobby and I hitched to Wal-Mart to get some supplies and walked back to town, had some ice cream and rested a while.

The weather is so beautiful it's a bit frustrating not to be able to hike. All the major roads out of North Conway are impassable due to washouts so we may be stuck another day. Hopefully we'll know more tonight.

In the meantime we're making tentative plans for the next couple of weeks which should have us making progress in Maine.

This afternoon I took a stroll around town, visited their 1874 restored train depot and generally had a fine time walking in the bright sunshine. North Conway is a really nice town.
9:00 PM

Good dinner with Buffalo Bobby & Brother of the Wind.  Even better, as a result of a hitch Brother of the Wind got into North Conway, we have a work around not being able to get back to Crawford Notch because of washed out roads.

The fellow who picked up Brother of the Wind Saturday offered to take him back to the trail and will take Bobby & me as well in the morning. We'll hike the Presidentials south from Gorham and when finished we'll shuttle back to Gorham and continue to the end of NH and into Maine.  Brother of the Wind did all the coordination.

We all meet in the morning for our trip north with Chris...a whole new level of trail magic.
Once more it all has come together.  Whew!

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

North Conway - Muscovite inspired train depot from 1874.  Restored in 1974

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