Thursday, August 25, 2011

Journal Entry # 149

Wednesday, August 24 - Day 153 - Mile 1808.3 - Lincoln, NH

Right after we left camp this morning we broke the 1,800 mile mark. I also broke the record for my toughest climb today. We went over Mt. Kinsman South & North...a distance of only 8.5 miles, but it took us most of the day to hike it.  The rocks here in NH make Pennsylvania look like a training ground.  (Maybe that's just what it was).

We had a nice break and lunch at the Lonesome Lake Hut which is the first hut in NH.

We hitched into Lincoln after our hike and resupplied. We were going to stay at a hostel but all they had left was room to sleep on the floor. We opted for a Comfort Inn and are enjoying the quiet.

A fellow named Paul picked us up almost immediately and drove us right to the front door of the hotel.  We did a lot of walking around town to resupply and met many familiar faces from the trail. No wonder the hostel was full. I even met one girl, Squeaks, who I hadn't seen since the Smokies in April and Milkman who I haven't seen since the NOC in North Carolina.

More big climbs on tap for tomorrow. We'll decide how far we go based on the weather and how we feel as we arrive at potential stopping points.

Another day comes to an end with us all doing great.
Trolley Stop

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