Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journal Entry # 125

Sunday, July 31 - Day 129 - Mile 1524.9 - Mt  Wilcox South Shelter

After a nice breakfast at the hotel we were picked up right on time for our taxi ride back to the trailhead.  Our NERO in Great Barrington was very pleasant and we're reenergized.

The day was nice and sunny, not too hot but still a bit humid. The rocks were dry, so no slipping.
We started with a level mile and then climbed 1,000 feet initially followed by several more ups in the 500 foot range. The trail was fairly nice compared to the last couple of days. No dramatic rock slide ups or downs.

Tonight Guardian & me are using the shelter, first time in a long while, since it's so nice. There are bunks, a picnic table, skylights, and it's relatively new. Buffalo Bobby elected to tent by the old shelter.   There's a nest of birds in the shelter and the mother is in and out feeding the babies. We don't seem to be bothering her.

We're ready for sleep  It feels good to rest after the hike today.  This is the first night in a couple of weeks that we were able to actually dry out on the trail.

July comes to a close!
Trolley Stop

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  1. Hey Guys still thinking of you. Your visit was a real blast. Thanks for including me & Terri in your Appalachian Trail Adventure. I encourage everybody left on the trail to support the LEG......Just for the fun of it.