Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal Entry #10

Tuesday, April 5th  - day 12 - 72 miles into the trail - Plumborchard Shelter

Spoke with my two Sisters Eileen & Rita this morning before leaving for the trail.  I was born on Rita's 12th birthday so she takes a particular interest in my welfare since I was the only present that year.  My "little" Sister Eileen lives in Manhattan and has been walking in Central Park in support of my walk. (lots more dangerous then the bears and stuff out here)

Decided not to zero today after all.  Still have my hair. Only did 4.5 miles today because I didn't catch a shuttle until 11:00AM.

Wild wind and rain storms overnight.  Nice & dry at the Inn.

Now I'm at Plumorchard Gap Shelter and the weather is clear, cold and windy.  Only 4.4 miles to North Carolina, so I'll put Georgia behind me tomorrow. (I think  I can see a bit of Carolina Blue Sky from here).

Today's short walk was beautiful.  No pack issues, just a few challenging trees blown down last night to climb over, around and through.

Met Silver Eagle today on the trail.  He is a fellow I hiked with last week.

See you again tomorrow in NC!

Trolley Stop

Silver Eagle and Me

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