Saturday, April 30, 2011

Journal entry # 31

Wednesday, April 27 - Day 34 - Mile 288.2 - bunkhouse - Hemlock Hollow Inn

Left Elmer's this morning before breakfast after a most delightful visit.  Big vegetarian meal last night with homemade pound cake & ice cream for desert.  Didn't think I'd ever be hungry again...but guess what...we had a breakfast about 7:00AM and then started back on the trail.

Note:  Saw entry by Drew Murphy (Pre-life Crisis) from December 1, 2010 when he stopped here on his Maine to Georgia hike last year. Drew is the Son of John Murphy, Rector of the Cursillo weekend in early March. Drew gave me lots of input over lunch about his hike and gear. Fun to see his note. His positive impression of Elmer's was right on.

Unfortunately the bad weather did not come as promised yesterday so rain is still threatening today. Off for our big climb out of Hot Springs.

It's now 6:00PM. We (Buffalo Bobby, Silver Hiker and a young woman, Sara, day hiking from Colorado and her dog Dixon did about 16 miles. Silver Hiker continued on to the next shelter, but the rest of us stopped at a bunk house since the storms promised for two days were finally coming.

The bunkhouse exceeded our expectations. They served dinner which was excellent and we met Hot Drinks, and others,  who had decided to "0" here today because of the bad weather forecast that never materialized.  (Hiking  today was wonderful. Only one small shower despite the gloom & doom forecast).

Did see my first snake today, but he retreated before I got a good look at him

It's now bedtime and the storms have come. The first blast of wind shook the cabin and the rain is now pounding down. Another good decision to come here.

Tomorrow will get a ride back to the trail and try to catch Silver Hiker.

Trolley Stop

Hot Drinks at Hemlock Hollow Inn

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