Saturday, April 30, 2011

Journal entry #32

Thursday, April 28 - Day 35 - Mile 304.1 - Flint Mountain Shelter

Wow!  What a storm over night. Lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightening. Great once again to be inside and dry.

Just heard at breakfast that a tornado took out a small community at the bottom of the hill we were on and 5 people died and 6 missing.  We understand this was the same storm that hit Alabama,  The trail maintainers we met today said it was the worst storm since 1974.  Everyone on the trail was OK.  Wild weather continues

Today's hike took us first up a 2 hour climb and then up Camp Creek Bald which was the hardest, longest rock climb since Albert mountain.

Again we hiked about 16 miles today. Despite all the bad weather overnight today was mostly great for hiking.  Broke the 300 Mile mark today!

We did catch Silver Hiker at the shelter and he weathered the big storm last night in his tent.

It's getting close to hiker midnight so I'll close down for the night

Trolley Stop

Trail Magic at Spivey Gap


  1. Hi Trolley: We lost a 21-year-old high school classmate of Maggie's in the Alabama tornadoes as her apartment took a direct hit. She was due to graduate UA/Tuscaloosa this week. So much news this past weekend: the tornadoes, the Royal Wedding and Bin Laden. A whole slice of life over a few spring days. Lots going on out here, the world is abuzz beyond those treetops...

  2. Hi Brother Rog - - - Beautiful here. Lilly is sleeping and Peg is out food shoping. We both went to the dentist this morning. I am enjoying a day off from the model. I think of you when I have to trek all over Townsend showing houses (ha!). I am headed for the patio with a book. Nice day for watching nature and birds etc.. Joe