Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photos, Photos, Photos!!!

The Lunning's host the AARP AT hikers!

Mt. Collins Shelter - Smokies

Unique Privy @ Mt. Collins Shelter

Clingman's Dome Observation Tower

Double Spring Gap Shelter - Gumby & Three Hats

Coyote - resident AT Comedian

Clingman's Dome from afar

Fontana Dam from the Trail

Guardian and 51/61 at the NOC

Rocky from Brattleboro VT, and Laugh Track from Ohio

Mollies Ridge Shelter

Me and Buffalo Bobby waiting on Guardian for a trip to The Hike Inn in Fontana

Mollies Ridge Shelter

Derrick Knob Shelter

Bobby, Me, and Diana

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  1. I've never seen my dad wear a dew-rag before...that great!