Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journal Entry #20

Friday, April 15 - Day 22 - Mile 175.0 - Mollies Ridge Shelter

Nice morning but more rain and storms heading our way this afternoon.  A but anxious about this mornings 2,700 foot climb.  Can't wait to get out there.

Had a question about how we get the forecast.  The communication up and down the trail by word of mouth is very effective. Not only weather but messages can be sent up and down through hikers and shelter logs.  Invariably someone will have a good phone connection and be able to get a forecast and that news travels fast.

Hiked 12.5 miles today into the Smokies.  It's a very windy day - 40-45 MPH.  Arrived at the first shelter in the Smokies about 3:00PM.  It's now about 5:00PM and the shelter is packed due to pending storms. One couple set their tent up under the picnic table area.

We left Fontana Dam in T-Shirts and now, after a 2,700' increase in altitude, have 4 layers on and the sun hasn't even begun to set.  That "0" degree sleeping bag is going to feel good tonight!

With the crowd here tonight I think it may be slow going in the morning.
Trolley Stop

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