Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Journal Entry #25

Thursday, April 21 - Day 28 - Mile 228 - Crosby Knob Shelter

Another good day.  We stayed above the clouds, ridge running all day.  More spectacular views of the mountains coming out of the clouds below.  Plenty of ups and downs to keep the heart pumping.

Tomorrow will be our last day in the Smokies.  Never saw a bear but plenty of bear scat and paw prints. (Maybe tomorrow?)

 We've experienced almost every imaginable type of weather in the Smokies including snow, hail, pounding rain, gale force winds, lightening and thunder storms, fog as well as bright sunshine and cool breezes perfect for hiking.

Cooking time again. Catalyst and Bandit show up the Ramon Noodle crowd with their cooking skills.  (Photo to follow)

Tomorrow night we plan to stay at a hiker hostel called Standing Bear. Then on to Hot Springs by mid week.

Trolley Stop

Catalyst and Bandit make dinner

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  1. Dear Trolley Stop,
    Loving these pictures and posts! Trail days are coming soon. I'm sure you are excited about making it to that party. I'm with Deb about being grateful for all the trail magic and trail angels that are with you on this adventure. With you in spirit. Love, Eileen